time to file

you are probably receiving w-2s, interest statements and all that fun jazz for filing your 2008 tax return. for those of us in the category of less than about $45,000 gross income, check out BYU's vita lab for free tax return filing. this year the lab is taking appointments only, hopefully curtailing the long lines. the lab opens february 2 and runs through april 3. it's located on campus in 1820 of the lee library. to sign up for an appointment and for other information, click here. unfortunately, i won't be helping out this year.

if you aren't in blessed utah valley or somehow managed to rake in more than student wages, here are some other cheap filing options:

Turbo Tax Intuit Tax Freedom Project - free if gross income is less than $30,000. more Turbo Tax options here.

Tax Cut from H&R Block - free if gross income is less than $56,000 & you're 50 or younger.

enjoy filing and i hope we all get a nice return. extra money is not too shabby.

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Dani Marie said...

Oh tax season! I bet you are in heaven!We actually learned how to use CINTAX today (all of the MAcc students help the international students file their 1040-NR). How have classes been so far?

Your reaction about the seafood is the usual response! Although, my excuse is that I am originally from the desert. On the strawberries- I was going to try one today, but I was told I should wait until they are in season for the full effect.

I did get my start date: August 5th! When are you and Jared going to start??