i'm so my mother

yesterday--like most mornings--i woke up to my ihome at 6 am. i left the bed to hurry into my routine of showering, makeup and hair. i quickly gathered my breakfast & lunch, purse and school bag and headed for the door. within minutes i found myself at work an hour early as usual reading emails and talking to co-workers.

it used to be that jared stayed in bed and slept like a normal person until 7 or so. for months when he heard the ihome start playing music, he would start cuddling with me and tell me how nice it would be for me to sleep for another hour. but he rarely got me to ignore the list of "to-do's" that i immediately started in my head.

i am so my mother. my dad always says about my mom in the mornings, "she just hits the floor running." i have this drive that i don't really understand that gets me up and going. semi-helpful, yes. but too often my weekends follow the same 6 am wake-up pattern. no sane person should ever wake before 8 on the weekends. ewww.

and so it goes. for the last week i've witnessed something i never thought i would see--jared wakes up with me and we both get our days going at the ripe hour of 6 am. he's tired at night (is 9 o'clock nighttime?) like me, and were finally on the same schedule.

when i was in high school and could easily sleep 'til 10, 11, or noon, my mom would vacuum or find some loud something to do right by my door by 9 o'clock. i never thought i would subject myself to the morning hours like she does. who knows, maybe i'll vacuum by my kids' doors too.


Mic and Jazzy said...

I find I am becoming more and more like my mother. I never knew how that happened until BAM one day I was keeping treats on hand in case people stopped by. Who does that? Well, if we have to turn into our mothers at least we have good ones to turn into!

Rebecca said...

I'm afraid dear that we all eventually turn into our mothers! And yes... isn't 6am a blessed hour! As you would say... (in your t-shirt and panties with messed up hair poking your head around the corner) "Top of the mornin" Oh how I love you!

The Knight Family said...

Candace, this is funny because Kevin and I are now on the same schedule but instead of him waking earlier, I sleep later. Its great being on the same schedule.