bearclaw & bishop's bowl

we hit the slopes at sundance yesterday with these two lovebirds:

i graduated from green only and skied the back mountain for the first time, and thus experienced bearclaw and even bishop's bowl. i wrecked just one time, and jared lost a ski while kim and lane mastered a sweet maneuver.

the stunt i mentioned above by kim and lane:


Lance and Chelsea Lawrence said...

congrats! I'm a wuss and hate the back mountain. You'll only find me on the bunny hills. Maybe when I buck up we should go skiing together.

Marce said...

you go girl! i'm jealous. you guys are so adventurous...i love it!

Kristyne Lish said...

dolce remember when me and dick tried doing that trick on your video? it was not the same result. haha.

Candace said...

haha. stub--you totally got stuck. good times!