you're my type

valentines is starting to peek its way around the corner. i have a few red, heart, love items up around the apartment, and i’m anxious to make muffins in my heart-shaped tin. jared insists that valentines is a day where the guy treats the lady, but not the other way around. is this true? i’ve never seen it this way, but he’s slowly starting to make me believe. i think i will surprise him with a little something this year. maybe ski passes, some new shoes, or a steak dinner (and no, he doesn’t read this blog unless forced to by me).

what’s on your mind this valentines? here are a few lovelies that mix and match well.

letterpress stationery
renaissance bouquet
beribboned bag
iron man
hoop earrings
date to texas roadhouse
he WOOD cologne
ice cream

or maybe you'll go nacho style this year:

me and the mr. have this tradition of eating at texas roadhouse on valentines. this year will be #3 for us. they have a special valentines menu--more afordable but the same great food. i can already taste the rolls with melted cinnamon butter. hopefully the line isn't as miserable as i remember.


Lisa Michelle said...

Love that Nacho clip! Bryan and I switch off planning valentine's/anniversary because it's so fun to surprise each other!

Ryan and Breelyn Ehin said...

You Me and Dupree is on our TV right now and just as I was reading about the blue house you love the house on that movie looks JUST LIKE the one in your picture! Weird! I was thinking how cute it was even before I saw your blog so I would for sure approve of you purchasing that home :) Ry's Dad lives in DayBreak. It's such a cute community. You've inspired me to put up my Valentines Decorations I've been delaying but thanks to you they're going up today :)

Kelly and Bryce said...

Wow I wish Bryce felt that way about Valentines Day! The only way he does anything for me is if I remind him about every 30 seconds that I want flowers or something! Hopefully someday....