mlk weekend happenings

last weekend we drove to boise to hang out with the fam. i successfully slept for a few hours on the road, which was quite heavenly.

saturday we skied bogus basin—not quite sure about that name, but i had a blast. we made it to the back side of the mountain, which is a big step for me the novice skier. after a few runs down the mountain, we attempted a run called “paradise,” aka black diamond of death. me and jaime, jared’s sis, struggled a bit--my legs were shaking of fright and my palms sweaty. we were mad at the guys, but we totally did it.

another bonus of the weekend… we went to the temple with brenda for the first time, marking my first time to the boise temple. tt’s much smaller than utah temples, which was different. but beautiful.

picture from here
sunday we were lounging on the couch and Jaime thought she could give me and j pedicures. she does great work! my feet are so soft these days. how cute.

she also played with j's crazy hair.

we all played a round of pictionary sunday night. perhaps my worst. game. ever. me and j played on a team and we were still on start when the other three teams were either more than half way around the board or really close. ugh. i’m a sore loser. proof:

and yes, we are the red piece.

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Jessica and Reecey said...

Your camera is amazing... you always get great pictures! But it helps when a person is as gorgeous as you are. I'm glad you had a fun weekend!