2009 First Weekend


I ditched my snowboard, which I've used for the last 6 years, and Jared taught me some moves on skis. Is it bad that my snowboard is for sale on KSL right now? He's got skill, and I loved skiing with him.

Our Pad

These two crazies who live in Boston partied with us Friday night. The guys watched the Utes play, and Cath and I snuck out to Riverwoods for some quality shopping.

Menu: Papa Murphy's Pizza and peppermint ice cream/oreo deliciousness prepared by Jared.

Marriott Center

photo: byucougars.com

Last night the Cougs hosted #6 Wake Forest, losing 87-94. Previously BYU had a 53-game home winning streak. The game capped off the Lishes bad luck in sports for the last two weeks. A few football downers mixed in with the Jazz's performances equals nothing good.

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Kristyne Lish said...

Candy... thank you for blog stalking me im really glad you found me. i've been telling my mom that i need to tell you that i got a blog so you didn't randomly find me and think i was stalking you. i guess this works out well. im excited you finally went skiing! im excited for you guys to come up here so we can all go.