Metallic Art

Hopefully everyone knows the saga of my wedding photography by now (read here). I contacted Mitch my photographer to order an enlargement "wedding" photo. He's a delight to work with, and he gladly offered to cover the cost of the enlargement. I now have a 16 X 24 metallic print of this photo. Score.

Mitch introduced me to a metallic finish last year when I originally wanted to order a canvas enlargement. The metallic finish illuminates color wonderfully and really livens a photo. It's not textured like canvas; the finish is very glossy. Trust me, it's hot.

Despite the tragedy of J and me not having many wedding photos, Mitch has worked hard to make everything fair with us.

He recently started a cute new line called Sprout Photo, which focuses on contemporary portraiture. I hope to use Mitch to photograph the kiddlings down the road. His work is impressive, and he has a very chill sort of attitude.

Mitch's flagship company is ZumaPhoto, and his wife owns/runs Pepper Nix Photography.


Russ and Emily Jones said...

what's a metallic print??? it sounds fantastic!!!

Dani Marie said...

This picture is beautiful! I love how you can see the light coming in through the trees.

It sounds like you had an amazing Christmas! Mine was pretty low key, but it is always wonderful to see family and friends. I do think you guys need to rethink the SLC thing. We would LOVE to have you two in Seattle! And I agree- your friend from school moving there is a sign =)

Ugh- one more semester. Can we do it? Miss you, and hope you are doing well!

Rebecca said...

Yay! I will have to come see it! I love the metallic finish... definitely very sleek! So you have inspired me and I have been making i photo books like crazy.... hopefully the finished product looks good! Any way... happy 2009! We will have to get together again soon!!


P.S. I totally checked out Mitch's site and his wife's... someday maybe I will be able to take magnificent photos. (hey I can wish right?)

Michelle said...

I'll have to get his contact info because we are in need of a family photo!