Hint, Hint. Nudge, Nudge.

Now that Christmas and New Year's have passed, I'm preparing for Valentine's Day full board. Really my dead Christmas tree still lingers in my family room as the pine needles gather quickly on the floor.

I thought you may be interested in this sweet and heartfelt gift idea, or if you're like me you can start hinting.

From the creators of Les Miserables, the musical Miss Saigon is coming to Salt Lake City. The musical takes place during the Vietnam War and tells the tragic tale of a doomed romance between an Asian woman left by her American lover. Haven't seen it, but I hear great things about it.

It plays in the Pioneer Theatre May 1 through May 16. Tickets start at $30 and are available here. Time is of the essence as some shows are nearly sold out.

My in-laws are in town that weekend, and we're going as a fam. I love that they are into plays and theatre.


Heather Telford said...

I was so sad i couldn't make it.. I have a family photo shoot that i could not cancel!! :( He was SUCH an amazing man I will miss him so much!! You and your hubby are so cute it was fun to see all your fun xmas festivities!!

Christina and Ryan said...

Haha If Jared doesn't buy you tickets to this show then I don't know if any amount of hinting would have gotten through.