The Office

At the beginning of the summer, I found these wonderful linen boards used to hold pictures, sticky notes and other randomness. I thought they would be a great fit for our second bedroom/office that up until now I've deemed the "dungen" or "black hole.". The boards were selling for a lot of money so I took matters into my own hands. I googled around to see how I could turn these boards into a little project, and lo and behold that same afternoon I headed to Home Depot where I bought sound board. It was one of those times where I walked into Home Depot, my high heels clicking against the floor and my eyes overwhelmed with the intense amount of guy stuff everywhere, and every employee in viewable range immediately thought What does SHE want. And they're right, I really don't belong at Home Depot.

Next, I found an adorable piece of baby blue linen fabric with which I litterally folded around the board and stapled to the reverse side. Of course this part of the project took a lot of skill. You really have to watch where you put that staple, and folding fabric isn't as easy as you might think.

Here you can see the boards and what the office looked like after I quickly through a few things together in June:

Here is the office as of this week--HUGE improvement:

I'm so glad I finally junked all of the masses of crap that accumulated in this room post-wedding. I can walk by the room now with the door open, and I want to go inside.

If by some reason you're interested in sound board, I had to buy a MASSIVE piece of it and have many remaining rectangles.


Russ and Emily Jones said...

ummmm....teach me to be crafty? please??

Adam, Jenn & Collin said...

I love it!! You did such a great job and yes I would be interested in getting some, especially now that I see what you did with it! So cute!

Rebecca said...

I am loving the finished product! It looks so great! Yay! Now if you can just convince Jared that the Pottery Barn lamp is a can't live with out item and essential to the whole ambiance of the office. haha! I will get on the ball and send the placemats for your laptops along. Love you!

Mic and Jazzy said...

Dude I feel the same way in Home Depot. I feel like such a fish out of water. However, those little orange apron-people are so dang helpful. Room looks great!

Lance and Chelsea Lawrence said...

It looks good!