Getting Sucked In

HELP! School is working both of us hard. I promised I would "enjoy" school and take all that I can out of my last year. Ugggh! It's just not that easy.

The week has been good, but S L O W. I'm patiently awaiting what I've deemed my saving grace for the week--Grey's Anatomy 2-hour premier and The Office season opener! Wha-hoo. Ads hit the net today talking about a possible "Grey's baby." I'm such a lame-o, but the show really does entertain me above and beyond what it should. I realize it's a problem.

Other exciting happenings this week seen through the Lishes' window:

01. Hip-hop new hair-do for the Mrs.

I let a new hair stylist go wild and I got lucky. It's shorter, but she also thinned it quite a bit for more volume and left some brown chunks. I'm a fan.

02. This week brought an even earlier bed time than ever before--9:30 PM.

3 words: boring married couple. Jared's really hooked on reading, of course, and now this new DVD series John Adams. There are three DVDs and I think they're each 100 hours long! They semi-make me want to pull my hair out piece by piece, but he LOVES them.

03. Miniature brown sugar muffins.

Certainly more for looks than function, but c'mon they're cute!


Anonymous said...

your so cute!

Rebecca said...

5 Things I love:
1... Grey's Anatomy (one of our many shared loves)
2... Your new do
3... The fact your husband is on a John Adams kick
4... Your itty bitty and very cute muffins. (Go Jared for finding the pan.)
5... You of course!

Mic and Jazzy said...

Ok so did you not lurve grey's anatomy last night. I totally cried at the end. (Thats because I am a huge baby.) I love your new hair! I have new hair too and it feels like, I-can-do-anything hair. And the 9:30 bedtime, seriously I am so there with you. We can be boring married couples together.

Adam, Jenn & Collin said...

your hair is so cute and I hope you did that after you came and visited me, if not sorry I was lame and didn't notice!

Christina and Ryan said...

Speaking of cute haircuts...your hair looks great! Ryan and I are a boring married couple too but I like it. Thanks for saying my hair looks nice. I asked for 2 inches and got FIVE chopped off. No joke. AND she did it uneven and choppy. This is the woman who has been cutting my hair since I was ten years old. It was the only haircut that I ever cried over. It will grow back though..