Impatient Driver

Thursday morning Jared and I left the house to go to school. We drive 2 cars to school because I leave school to go to work and Jared works on campus. I left seconds before Jared that morning so he followed right behind me as we made our way to BYU.

We made it to University Ave. and Bulldog where we both needed to turn left onto Bulldog. The left turn lane was particulary long--story of MY LIFE--so I tried to create an awesome short cut. Time is always of the essence in the morning. I'm sure you understand. So I pulled into the Malt Shoppe thinking I could cut the intersection, but oh no my friends. I whipped into the parking lot only to be greeted by a nice chain link fence. Meanwhile Jared's in the left turning lane starting to move forward and just laughing like crazy at me. Apparently, I needed to pull into the Pita Pit/Panda in order to pull off my little maneuver.

Oh well, a few minutes later I was back on track and I pulled into the parking garage at school. Jared and I both had an 8 AM class together that morning, and like a good husband Jared waited patiently for me in the garage. As I pulled into a stall about 20 feet from where Jared stood with his back facing me,
I hit the large cement pole with my front bumper. Unaware of who this crazy driver is, Jared turns around just to see your's truly. Ta-da! I felt like such a dork, and Jared immediately began busting into laughter. Ugggh! Not my morning, but I'm so glad Jared found a little humor in all of my impatient moments.

The car lives to tell the tale with me, with only a minor 5-inch scratch on her front bumper.

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Russ and Emily Jones said...

Don't worry, everyone i know thinks i'm a terrible driver and they tell me often. Last summer i was behind a car at a stop light and i FELL ASLEEP and my foot slipped off the brake and i ran into the car in front of me. Luckily, no damage was done but i felt like a complete idiot.