Primarily Happy

I taught my primary class today, and I'm so in love with those little stinkers. I teach the CTR 5 class so the kids are 4 turning 5 this year. They all started 1st grade this month, and they love you to just listen as they ramble on and on about things with their family and their lives. Sometimes they even tell you a little too much, but I'm always entertained. Most of them are missing a few noticeable teeth, and they require at least two snack breaks per 45 minute class. Adorable? Yes. I love them!

I team teach with another woman in our ward whom I admire like crazy. She shows patience I never could with our autistic class member, and she teaches her lessons with so much meaning. I always take notes in my head of her great ideas and the ways she interacts with the kids. Plus, she's a mature woman with her own kids and even grandkids. She's clearly more experienced than me the newlywed.

I never think of myself as one who is "good" with kids. I have too many people right around me who tower over me in that department--Becca and Jared come to mind. And as a teenager, I never got into the whole babysitting thing. Anyway, the woman who teaches primary with me gave me the nicest compliment today. I was helping one of the little boys draw a picture when she said, "You are going to be a great mom. These kids love you." I thought me? and immediatly wanted to cry. How nice is she! Maybe I'm learning to be "good" with kids. Hopefully someday I will be a great mom.

Sidenote: I'm working on a small home decor project in our office. Of course it's running behind schedule, but hopefully I can get some pics up this week. I'm held up on the lamp. I would really like a desk lamp, but for some reason none of the ones I like fit the budget. $149 at Pottery Barn is too excessive Jared says.


The Cox Family said...

Well sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I sometimes get behind on commenting on blogs but I always read them. Sounds like your summer was great and looks like you guys had a great time in Seattle. The cooking looks great. I must say you are taking after your mom we loved to eat there. I am going to put a link to my blog so I can check in more often. Shirlyn

Anonymous said...

Primary is the best! Don't you love it!