Interns Experience the World of Disney

Jared and I embarked on a Disney adventure last week as we wrapped up our internship at the International Intern Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida. Ernst & Young flew 2,000 interns from around the globe and put them up in a Disney resort for 5 days! PAR-TY! We took on the rides at the theme parks, splashed around in the pool, enjoyed a magician over dinner, did oodles of team building exercises, ate tons of food, celebrated J's birthday, and capped off the whole trip with many new friends and unforgettable memories.

There are not words to describe how much effort, time, money and resources EY put into this conference--it was off the hook! The recruiters transformed a conference center into what appeared to be a hot dance party. The lighting was right, the music blaring, and people so jazzed and in love with life you couldn't have not been the happiest person in the world. We partied from 8 AM until 2 or 3 AM everyday. Wahoo!

We played at Hollywood Studios all day Wednesday and baked in the 100 degree weather. Seattle has maybe hit 80 a few days this summer, but other than that it's been a comfortable 75 degrees. At Disneyworld I had sweat dripping and running down places I didn't know was possible! Yuck. Despite the immense heat, we partied all day and ran around like small children from ride to ride. Toy Story takes the cake for best new attraction. You sit in a moving cart and shoot targets with a cannon while the ride keeps your score. The targets appear all around you and you just blast them with your cannon--awesome!

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster!

Friday night nearly all of the interns went to the Magic Kindgdom. The park stayed open until 3 AM, and there were defnitely interns scattered everywhere running from ride to ride like zombies all night. I loved riding Splash Mountain with Jared because he sang Disney songs as we floated through the calm part of the ride while we anticipated the big drop. He is so happy when he sings and moves his body to the beat. It's adorable! We also rode Peter Pan, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Space Mountain, Small World, you name it!

Saturday night a bunch of us took Jared to Ghiradelli's in Downtown Disney for an ice cream sundae. We sat around a table and talked and laughed and sang Happy Birthday. He loves his ice cream so it was the perfect fit to celebrate his 25th birthday.

Before we left to Orlando, Jared opened most of his presents Tuesday night at our apartment. I spoiled him with a lightweight jacket, new shoes, Jungle Book the movie, and he's getting a new putter for golfing which I was not allowed to pick out.

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Bethany said...

Hey that's my cute hubby (not Jared, the OTHER cute boy in the pictures). Glad you had fun in DW!