Birthday Time

Jared celebrated 25 years on Saturday!

Have I told you how much I love my husband?
This year's top 10:

10. He has a serious addiction to ice cream. Me too, now!
9. He has luscious, curly hair (sometimes used to look like an 80’s basketball player, see above).
8. He makes a lunch for me every morning & makes the bed everyday. What an adorable maid he is!
7. He’s an athletic kind of guy. He plays everything from golf and hockey to football, baseball and soccer. And sometimes he volunteers me to play too (not so lovey of him).
6. He’s so smart and reads books like Porter Rockwell and A Farewell to Arms. Random? Yes, but he loves picking out new books at the bookstore.
5. He BBQ’s like nobody’s business.
4. He pushes the cuticles on my hands back. My husband's hands are way tidier than mine.
3. He is crazy about kids, even the biggest rugrats you can imagine.
2. He has more patience than anyone in this whole world!
1. He understands me. He knows what makes me smile and laugh, when I’m sad, how to surprise me, and what makes me cry. He’s there through it all, and he gets me. I love you Jared! Happy Birthday.


Bethany said...

Happy birthday! Now it really makes sense that you'd all go to Ghirardelli to celebrate! Good luck with the last week of your internships.

VoNique and Jared said...

Cute! What program did you do the collage in? It's cute!

VoNique and Jared said...

And happy birthday to Jared!

The Lishes' said...

Thanks Vo! I used Microsoft Publisher and inserted pictures and overlapped them.

Russ and Emily Jones said...

you two are so adorable. p.s. Russ pushes my cuticles back on my fingers too! Probably the thing that bugs him most in the world is that I chew on my cuticles and don't push them back. that cracks me up that Jared does it to you! Every day Russ tells me that my whole life would change if I would just learn to push my cuticles back. boys are funny sometimes. by the way I changed my blog site... emandrusty.blogspot.com

Keri Cranmer said...

My gosh! You two are always up to something!! I am jealous! I'm glad you are having such a great time with each other, it is definately a time to cherish. Mike is getting married on September 6. The two of them are making my mom crazy with all of the wedding plans! I think it is quite funny though. Glad to see you both enjoying life. It can be pretty great! Love you both