U.S. Navy's Blue Angels

The Blue Angels performed an air show in Seattle for Seafair. At first Jared had to explain to me who the Blue Angels are, but I'm pretty hooked after seeing the show. Six planes fly together going so fast and they pull some awesome tricks. Sometimes they play chicken with eachother (you're thinking no way are they not going to hit each other), do barrel rolls together, and shoot straight up into the air going so fast. As you watch the Blue Angels, you can actually see the planes well before you can hear them because they're moving at lightning speed. Here is my camera's attempt at catching the action.

The show was right over Lake Washington and the boaters just loved it! I hear if you watch the show from the water, you can actually see the pilots in the planes when they fly upside down. It's crazy how close the planes are to the water.


Kyle said...

Candace, my nephew is obsessed with the blue angels (he's only 4) so you can talk to him all about it. I miss you and hope you're having fun!

Lance and Chelsea Lawrence said...

K I'm blogtarded. i just left that last comment while my brother in law was signed in on gmail. So that comment is really from me. Sorry!

Ryan and Breelyn Ehin said...

I don't have internet at my house so I am way behind on everyone's updates. I loved reading through all of yours! Seattle is such a fantastic city!!! Ryan loved the Jet pictures! You got some great shots! And the Whale Watching looks incredible! I would have loved that! And the wedding reshoot turned out beautiful! I LOVE your dress! For the record my friend we have pretty much the same wedding ring! :) Our boys have good taste! You guys look so happy and darling!