Sleeping in Seattle

Okay, as promised, here are pictures of our lovely abode. First up is our kitchen with my gorgeous and crazy hubby cooking some pasta. This picture shows nearly the whole apartment. The only thing missing is the bed, which lies directly where I'm taking the photo.

Next is our bathroom. The previous rentor left the cute blue accessories. How nice! You know me, blue or brown adds to any room. However, shelving and space in general is sort of a problem. Right now the microwave houses many of our bathroom items.

When we moved in last week, the previous rentor gave us a quick tour of the apartment and let us know that she had kindly left some booze behind for our drinking pleasure. Check out our refrigerator.

So we might be lacking some staple food items, but at least we have some Belgian White Blue Moons. Jared tells me he gifted the beer to some fellow interns this week. Way to go honey! Next is the bed we sleep on everynight.

And then lastly, my personal favorite--the walk-in closet.

Look at all of that space! We don't have room like that in our apartment back home. So far the apartment has been trouble-free, and I think it's located in a great place. We're really close to the Husky Stadium and UW, and there are plenty of buses nearby to take you downtown.

I wish I could say Seattle is great and that I'm loving exploring every nook and cranny, BUT I've been out of town ever since we moved to Seattle last week. Jared and I had orientation last week in Santa Clara, and now I am in San Jose for tax training while Jared enjoys Seattle solo. In fact, tonight he's at a Mariners game soaking in every minute of sports he can get without me there to pester him. Jared does a couple of things while I'm gone:

1. Takes in even crazier amounts of sports than I ever thought possible.

2. Eats plenty of frozen pizza/leftovers.

3. Streams movies online for entertainment.

Our apartment is little and lacks severely in entertainment, but I'm glad he is surviving without me. I miss him lots! I go home tomorrow night and we will celebrate the 4th and PARTY together. Happy July 4th to all of you!


Christina & Ryan said...

LOVE the picture above your bed! We have one just like that in our room..

Jessica and Reecey said...

Business trips? Tax training? You are such a grown-up :)

Keri Cranmer said...

Love the pics of your apartment, maybe Jared wants to come out to our house and cook...is he any good at it? Brent won't get near a stove,(know I am jealous Jared will) Enjoy your internship, I know Brent really liked his, but he was L.A. after all. It won't be too long before your back home, so enjoy your Belgian White Blue Moons!!! How funny