Agua Verde Kayaking

We spent our Saturday kayaking between Lake Washington and Lake Union. Check out these pictures. We had a WONDERFUL time.

Here is the whole crew, aka fellow interns who were up for an adventure. Jared and I love meeting new people, and we all have such a good time hanging out. I can already tell it's going to be hard to say goodbye at the end of the summer.

Look at those cheeks! What's not to love?

Awwwww. Tender moment between me pestering Jared and us playing on the grass.

No way was he going to get in a little snooze.

Here are all the boys. We drank water from these 100% compostable cups made from corn. Seattle is so ecofriendly. Being a Utahn, I have to be really careful I don't offend anyone. I'm working on being more environmentally friendly.

The chicas. They have been so cool about helping Jared and me learn our way around Seattle. Sara, middle left, even gave us her GPS to use while we're living in Seattle for the summer. They also have great info on all of your shopping needs!
We were surrounded by ships and all sorts of intimidating floating objects. Instead of getting swallowed by a big wave and tipping, we would turn the kayak to hit the waves straight on. We're learning the art of kayaking.

Here you see our route. As we crossed the channel, we navigated around all kinds of ships, cruisers and sailboats.

Sleepless in Seattle house. How gorgeous are these homes on the water! Someday ...


Lance and Chelsea Lawrence said...

Way to go on being the only modest girl in the picture! Just kidding. I'm jealous, I love Seattle!

Lisa Michelle said...

haha, I just heard about those corn cups!! :) So classic. You should have seen my co-workers reactions when I told them my parents in Orem have only, in the past few years, had a recycling can at their house. :)

Marce said...

that looks like so much fun! i want to go to seattle. how's the internship going?? we are here in northern california- i think mike is pretty bored right now with the internship stuff...he's ready to start working on his engagements i think. anyway, we should get together sometime when we all get back to provo! we'd love to hang out with you! (that is, if you want to hang out with a baby!) hope the summer continues to go well!

ms-mclaws said...

Yay for Seattle!!! It makes me happy you are loving my homestate that i am so proud of. You guys look like you are having a blast there!