Cheers to 22 Years

Wednesday I celebrated my 22nd birthday. I’m feeling SO OLD. In fact, I went to lunch with my friend Becca to celebrate our June birthdays, and we couldn’t stop talking about how old we are! Then we started laughing at ourselves because hopefully we have at least 70 or so more birthdays to go.

My birthday was a little different this year. I worked all day and then traveled to Santa Clara for more work. Luckily, Jared was with me throughout the day and all of my fellow interns—there are 35 of us in total—were great to me too. They all sang Happy Birthday to me and were so cute about it being my day. I can really see myself making plenty of new friends over the summer. These people are awesome!

Jared and I were able to sneak away for dinner to celebrate. We found a charming, little Italian restaurant near the hotel and enjoyed each other’s company over pasta. We chatted about our first day of the internship and reflected on the last year. Our waiter slowly learned that Jared and I were married and on business together AND worked for the same company. I’m not sure if he thought we were crazy or strange, probably both. Either way, he was definitely surprised! Among the interns we’ve gained quite the reputation as being the Mormon married couple. Go Lishes.

I have had such an amazing year. Jared and I went from living in different cities last summer to being engaged and then getting married. I’ve gotten to know a whole other side of family in the last year, and I got accepted to my grad program, landed the internship of my dreams, and now I’M LIVING IN SEATTLE WITH THE MAN OF MY DREAMS! What could be better? Thanks for thinking of me on my birthday. I love you all!


VoNique and Jared said...

Happy late birthday! Sounds like you guys are having a blast!

Lisa Michelle said...

So fun!! I'm so jealous Bryan got to see you two! I hope you had a wonderful birthday. It sounds like you're enjoying your internship. I hope you take time to have lots of adventures! Keep posting! :)