Goodbye Boise, Hello Seattle

Today we finally made it to Seattle! We left Boise early this morning and about 8 hours later we drove into the heart of Emerald City. Our apartment is 3 miles from downtown in the Montlake area, and it's not the small box I thought it would be. I say it's a medium-sized box. I'm really happy with it. We have room for a kitchen table, and our closet is a walk-in. BUT, there is no dishwasher and our stove is about 1' X 1'. It's miniature. I'll post pictures this weekend.

Wrap-up of Boise:

The rest of the Boise trip was just as fun as the beginning. We fit in time to play at a waterpark, eat a fantastic Sunday dinner (T-bone steak, Jared's favorite), celebrate my birthday early, and play Ticket to Ride with the whole family. Here are some shots from the weekend:


Ticket to Ride

Jared and Ruby

Jared Dunking Jared and Lite Playing Trampball

Me, Jaime and Jared at Roaring Springs

A Birthday Celebration

My NEW Sleeping Bag


Lance and Chelsea Lawrence said...

I've been trying to call you to tell you Happy Birthday, but my phone is broken. I miss you and hope you had a great birthday!

adam & jenn said...

Great pictures! Hope Seattle is quite the adventure and you guys don't work to hard!!!