Dear Dad,

What would life be like without dads? You're the most loving, loudest, redneck dad in the whole wide world! People everwhere are attracted to your loud and outgoing personality and can feel your zest for life. Many know you by your big alpine boots you wear everyday, your infamous McDonald's Coke cup in hand, or maybe it’s your ability to bust out the American Fork High fight song.

Growing up whenever there was a lot of commotion around the house, which happened often, Dad would belt out,

“Dear old AF High,
Yes we will love you will we die
Our banners bright of red and white
Will be a beacon through the night
Dramatic arts and ball and track
We'll always bring the honors back
We'll sing our praises to the sky
We'll always fight for AF High.”

Even though I tried really hard to get in my last words, nobody could ever be louder than Dad. This song successfully stopped many family fights.

Another favorite memory I have comes from my great years of twelve and thirteen. After eating dinner with the family, Dad would need to check the car wash in Orem and close it down for the night. I tagged along many nights. I enjoyed getting out of the house and being with Dad one-on-one. We would often stop at Dairy Queen on 800 North and State Street for an Oreo blizzard and banana split. We drove listening to music really loudly, and I eventually starting driving Dad around. While Dad finished working I would drive in and out of car wash bays practicing parking the car and reversing it. What great times we have to look back on!

Me and Chipper hiking the Subway in Zion’s National Park, one of my favorite hikes:

I have always loved spending time with you Dad and look forward to many more exciting times to come. Thanks for being the great person you are. Happy Father's Day Dad!

Love Your Daughter,


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