12 Days and Counting

I love adventures.

Jared and I are moving to Seattle in just 12 days. I'm so excited for just the two of us to be together in a new place. We'll be able to try new restaurants, camping areas, shopping, oh the possibilities! I keep wondering things like:

1. What will our apartment look like?
2. How many times will we get lost?
3. What will be our first experience cooking fish?
4. What concerts are we going to see?
5. Do we even like doing accounting for a job?
6. What will it be like spending both of our birthdays with only eachother? Exciting, but so different.

The adventure really begins in Orem when we start packing the car. I've been thinking about everything we have to take with us, and it's a bit overwhelming. Yesterday I asked Jared in all seriousness if he thought we could really fit everything we need into our jetta, the one car we're taking with us. He laughed and joked about me not taking a billion clothes with us. I'm the type to freak out and worry, and he's the type to deal with the problem when it arises. Hence, I stress over way too many things. Ironically, yesterday Jared also told me that the golf clubs are making the journey to Seattle with us. Are you kidding me? Those clubs will easily take up half of the back seat. We have to save space for things like clothes, towels, sheets, shoes, the iron, luggage, and so forth. And of course our tent, sleeping bags and other camping equipment needs space too. Here's a picture to help you get the image of the jam-packed Jetta travelling from Orem to Seattle, 12 hours baby!


Marce said...

ok, weird, i totally thought i commented on your blog somewhere already...i must be losing my mind!!! i blame it on the pregnancy. :) it's so fun to be in touch! i love your blog; so fun/artsy. we are jealous you're heading to seattle! Mike and I are getting all excited to head up to San Fran in a couple of weeks...and we are definitely entering the car struggle...it's going to be very interesting, especially with the little addition (who is NOT here yet...little stinker!) anyway, hope all goes well in the rainy state! i'm excited to read up on your adventures!

adam & jenn said...

ha ha I love it! Good luck packing, that definitely sounds like an adventure! I'm so excited for you guys, it's going to be so much fun!I hope you can see Collin before you leave, but if not when you come back!

VoNique and Jared said...

We'll miss you guys! We'll need to play another time or two before you guys go!

Ryan and Breelyn Ehin said...

Oh Candace you will LOVE being in Seattle with just your Husband. We've been out in Arizona/Florida for the summer for over a month now and the time has flown by! Sunday's are a little different because suddenly it's just the two of you instead of meeting family, and B-days we too will have both of ours here alone together, I'm not sure what that will be like either :) But it is nice to just have it be the two of you! I'm SO EXCITED for you! And so very proud that you guys both got that internship opportunity! Whoot Whoot!

Erin Masi said...

Such an exciting adventure!!! I am excited to hear all of your stories about Seattle!!!