Bell Canyon

One of my most favorite peeps Catherine was in town this week. She got married a few months ago in Boston, and her and her husband had an open house in Salt Lake Thursday evening. I met her husband Kevin for the first time at the open house. I was semi-freaking out that Cath had been married for 2 months and I had never met her hubby. We cleared it all up, and he is just the most perfect person for her. He's great and they are both so happy and in love.

Friday night the four of us went to dinner and for a hike up Bell Canyon. We ate dinner at a new Asian restaurant called Pei Wei, and OH MY GOSH I will be going back. The food was excellent! It's a faster version of PF Changs, owned by the same company, but it competes with Bajio or Rumbi as far as it's set up and price. It was so fun talking with Cath about old times and hearing more about Kevin and his life.

Catherine and I met in Italy where we lived together for 4 months while on a study abroad. We experienced every inch of Italy together. From the piazzas and fountains to the gelato and pizza, it was Caterina and Can-dah-che exploring side-by-side. At times I really miss the laid back style of the Italians and eating gelato in a lively piazza at night with absolutely no stress or worries because well, I was 5000 miles from anyone/anything I knew. Oh, how I wish I were there!

After dinner we drove to Bell Canyon where we hiked about 45 minutes to a beautiful lake and overlook of Salt Lake City. What a great night.

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