Our Tax Dollars At Work

We all learned years ago that government organizations don’t run as smoothly as capital enterprises. Haven’t we all waited in line at the post office while Fred fixes the 5 broken tape rollers at a nearly impossibly slow speed and Sue reads instructions on how to ship a glass bowl to Greenland while Jack is the only employee helping the line of 20 frustrated customers that is now out the front door? I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve waited in that stupid line. Oh, and if you work between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. like the rest of corporate America, forget it. You’ll need to take a day off in order to get anything done.

Yesterday it was my privilege to visit the social security office in Provo. My first experience last year did not go well. I was just married at the time and needed to officially change my last name to Lish. Happy and in love, I entered the doors of the building to see my favorite sign plastered in front of me, “PLEASE TAKE A NUMBER.” I sat in the too small waiting room for what seemed like an eternity. In reality, the whole ordeal probably took an hour and a half.

I had to get all geared up to go to the social security office again yesterday, but this time things went so much more smoothly. I was in and out in less than one-half hour! It was such a good feeling leaving knowing that I now had an extra hour or two to burn that I thought I would spend waiting in line. How lucky!

So, you ask, why did I need to go the social security office twice? I originally changed my name to be Candace Chipman Lish, but then I decided Candace Kay Lish has a much better ring to it. So there you have it. Hopefully you all understand my frustration with government-run organizations. Yeah for our tax dollars.


Jessica and Reecey said...

I haven't even attempted to brave the seemingly never-ending lines that await me at the Social Security office. I am still Jessica Rogers, much to my husband's dismay. But you have given me hope! Also, we really need to get together soon! When do you leave for Seattle?

Mic and Jazzy said...

I had to mail a package the other day and instead of waiting in line forever I put on like, twelve stamps and stuck it in the bin. It hasn't come back yet- so I hope it made it. I have no idea.

Christina & Ryan said...

Government run programs are usually pretty inefficient. When I changed my name I took a number and waited in my car, talked on the phone for like 45 minutes and then went back in and only had to wait about 25 minutes!

Emily Ann Myers said...

i most absolutely did buy the dress from abella bridal...and I love love love it! I just pretend that it didn't look better on you and I remain happy. How exciting that you are going to seattle for the summer?! Jealousy abounds. I'm excited for the blog updates. Yours is on my list of faves.