A New Addition to My Wishlist

Everyone has to have a wishlist, right? Well, I’ve got my eye on a beautiful piece of equipment made by Niikon. Right now I have a great little snap-and-shoot camera that fits right in my purse, and I love it. The problem is that I’ve seen how freakin’ awesome the big old photographer cameras are. They’re also big in price, and I might get lucky to see one in a year or two. So, you ask, what makes them so great? First off, no more professional photographer fees. I would be able to shoot portraits and family shots on my own schedule. Also, I would be able to take all of Jared’s action shots playing basketball, baseball, golf (okay, no action shots there), and skiing. And nobody freak out. I’m not pregnant, but I could take such great shots of the kids. Ahhhhhh. For the mean time, I’m going to keep dreaming.

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Amanda said...

i totally understand...I have a little bit of a mix between a point and shoot and a big fancy camera. (mostly towards the point and shoot side) it's still small enough for the purse, but big enough to have a real zoom.