Vegas Vacay

at the first of april, we loaded up in a fancy caravan with my family and drove south to vegas for spring break. i love the palm trees and pool, and vegas has fantastic spring weather for just that. jared stayed for the weekend and celebrated easter with us, and then he caught a flight home to work while emery & i stayed with my family. they were wonderful to let us tag along!

we enjoyed lots of great vacation perks--sleeping in (ems too!), sunshine, room service, swimming and lots of yummy food! winter, i'm not sad to see you go. and is it just me or does vacation change once you have a baby?! laying out at the pool turned into swimming, and a good dinner dining out means wishing on a star that emery will sleep in her carseat quietly. we watched our fair share of baby einstein in the car too. but my gosh! look at that bathing suit and boy does she like the water! i had so much fun swimming with her for the first time.


Candice said...

I feel your restaurant pain. It is hit or miss whether you enjoy your food or not. What an amazing time with your family!

VoNique and Jared said...

Sounds like fun! But, for some reason I can't view your pix :(

Lisa Michelle said...

Glad the pictures are up! Your little one is so cute!!