Ems at 6 Months

jared and i were cleaning up the house the other night before bed and he said to me, "isn't emery just so much fun?!" he's so right! she's more interactive and content than ever before. she giggles when you play peekaboo with her and she loves a good rendition of old mcdonald (if we're calling my singing good). feeding her is just about my favorite thing in the world--she opens her mouth so wide and dives toward the spoon! i can hardly refill fast enough for her next bite. blueberries are her fav, and bananas her least fav. though we're yet to find a food she won't eat.

we're on a good schedule lately. she goes down for the night around 8:30 and wakes up at 7. then she takes a morning & afternoon nap. her naps are nothing stellar--often just 45 minutes or an hour--but i'm lucky she's such a champ at night.

jared's work schedule has been horrible the last few months, and its a challenge for me to have emery by myself all day. single moms, how do you do it?! thank goodness for my mom being 45 minutes away and for the best neighbors who let me crash at their place and walk the block with me over and over again. i'm lucky i feel so loved!

at emery's six month check up, her doctor was asking if she was passing toys and sitting up, etc. i told her she was and that emery was rolling over from front to back, but that back to front was still too hard. the doctor got a little quieter and said, "yea... rolling tends to be harder for the bigger babies." haha, she loves to eat! what else can i say.

we took some photos the other sunday to officially document 6 months.


Chelsea said...

I can't believe she's 6 months and I haven't met her yet. What a bad friend! Are you busy? Do you want to meet for lunch or a later breakfast one of these days? Call me!

Lisa Michelle said...

She's so cute! Hilarious that your dr called her a "bigger baby." :) And I feel you on the work front. Bryan's gone at training this week. Sometimes I feel like a single (yet still stay-at-home) mom. Those weeks aren't fun, but I do feel lucky that I get to stay at home. Lucky you're so close to the fam! My family and I seriously facetime daily, which helps.