a day at home with emery

Emery Kay from Candace Lish on Vimeo.

when people ask me how things are going with emery, its hard to find the right words. at times i feel overjoyed that she is all mine, in awe that someone trusts me to take care of her and to teach her, and amazed at how a tiny body can be so strong and aware of her family and home. that feeling i get when she looks at my eyes and smiles the gummiest grin... THE best! then there are times when i'm humbled by the work that is ahead of me as a parent. its scary out there, and i want so much for her to find success. in these moments i stop myself and remember to take this momma thing day by day. this video depicts just how we're doing it as a family of three.


Katie said...

Love the video. Emery is precious!

Our Little Online Corner said...

bah that was precious. I want to snuggle her soft little head.

Lisa Michelle said...

She is so gorgeous! And this video is so amazing--it makes me want to make one, too. Did you take this with your camera? super fancy--it looks amazing. Way to capture such precious moments.