month 1

we could easily rename this blog 'all things emery,' but what's the point when you've already come to that conclusion yourselves? she rules the nest at home so why not here in blog land.

the hospital stay was exciting, exhausting and relaxing all at the same time. we roomed with emery which made for some late night rocking. then throw in vital checks every two hours, and before we knew it the sun was rising again. but, i must say i do appreciate pushing a button when i need a drink and having a reclining bed. oh and lds hospital! where do i begin!? it's pretty much heaven on earth. i wanted to bring the nurses home with me and be bff's forever. they were so lovely!

one of the best things about having little emery around is seeing all the people she makes smile. family, friends, neighbors, strangers at the grocery store just 'oooh' and 'ahhh' and i love it!

in emery's first month of life she loves to eat. she nuzzles right in and works hard to keep up her chubby cheeks. she is an excellent sleeper. we're talking at 3 weeks she started going 5 hours in between feedings during the night. from day 3 she's known her days and nights, and now when we get ready to put her down for the night she willingly lets us swaddle her arms into her blanket. that never happens during the day without a solid fight. she loves to bounce and hates to rock. she's uber fussy in the evenings starting at 5 pm until she calls it a day around 10 pm. insert lots of bouncing here. and as time progresses she gets fussier in the days. i think it could be something in my diet that gives her fits. i'm currently off all dairy for the week to see if that makes her happier. that means no ice cream, chocolate, cream, cheese... you know the drill. send prayers my way this thanksgiving! she wears 0-3 month clothes but not for much longer since pants and onesies are getting tighter. she refuses to suck on a binkie, and is the most at ease when she's in jared's arms.


VoNique and Jared said...

She is just too cute!

c a n d a c e said...

Goodness I can't get over the cuteness!! More more more! She's precious. And you guys are some lucky lucky parents. :)

Unknown said...

Blake was exactly the same way at nights from about 6 until he went to bed he would cry pretty hard, but he would sleep pretty good. One thing that did help with the crying was to give him a bath. Blake loves baths so I would give him one every night and still do but only soap him every other night so his skin doesn't get too dry. Emrey is so cute she looks so much like you i think. You're such a cute mommy

Lisa Michelle said...

I'm finally reading/writing blogs again, and I'm especially excited to be reading yours again. I've always been obsessed with your decorating style and now, quite frankly, I think I will quickly become obsessed with how gorgeous your little baby is! She is so beautiful!!
I hope everything is going well!