'tis the season for baking lots of yummy treats

my mom and aunt gina make these cream balls dipped in chocolate and dusted with pecans. ohmyamazingness! they make other holiday goodies, but the dreams are what my eyes start trolling for when i see homemade candies laying around. we worked together for the common good of holy treats a few weeks back and made a batch. mom & gina insisted on celine dion's christmas album from the 90's (literally, i just checked the release date).

such cute people i have in my family! bre is pregnant with a boy due in march, matea is nearly a college grad and little josie isn't so little anymore. after making homemade candies with the fam, jared and i decided to try our luck on a few gifts for friends. enter, homemade caramels for the very first time!

my friend rebecca who is the queen of amazing gift wrap sent me to garnish for berry boxes. then i googled around for printable tags, threw a ribbon on there and we were good to go. the caramels miraculously stayed soft and are quite addicting.

here's to healthier eating in 2012!

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Our Little Online Corner said...

Ummm pass me some treats! I LOVE all the homemade stuff this time of year. Also me and mom loved seeing the picture of your house! So pretty. Hope you guys are having a good holiday...