a break

i spoke in sacrament meeting today, which means my stomach has been turning for a few days straight and i've spent entirely too much time being distracted on pinterest while trying to write something. eek! maybe it gets easier with practice and experience, but i'm just not there. jared is a champ and listens to me repeat the same five paragraphs while nodding his head in approval. i think me speaking is in his favor since he's had lots of football/tv time this weekend. he's smart though and knows i freak out if i don't eat and that i tend to skip eating when i'm stressed, enter breakfast made by jared and snacks pushed my way. he really is the best.

we each have the next two weeks off, pending any insane phone calls/emails that i really hope don't happen. i'm looking forward to spending the daylight hours together, visiting family in boise, skiing in the white fluff (fingers crossed it comes our way), and celebrating christmas. i absolutely love this wonderful season!

a relaxed us post sacrament meeting talk:


Camille said...

You guys are so cute! Way to go on speaking... it really is so scary. Have fun on your two week break! How lovely!

Shannon said...

Your talk was amazing--I can't even believe you were nervous!

Also, I am so happy for you two to have a break! I hope you get to sleep in, relax, and get some skiing in! (hope you got those coupons Mitch brought over!).

ps, you are gorgeous.