san diego, the end

we spent lots of time driving and checking out the city,
from food and shopping to nearby beach towns, our agenda was exploring fun places.
it's not obvious at all that we loved seeing the 70's on the thermometer. hello sunglasses!

we were iffy on sea world since it seems spendy for a couple sans kids,
but we decided we like shamu as much as the kid next to us so we went. and i'm so glad we did!
the sea lions stole the show for me--we fed them fish and they barked back in the cutest way.
they each had their own names and would respond to the employees calling them.

the tour of the uss midway was totally a thank you jared for being so patient while i
window gazed at lots of fancy boutique stores
and perused j.crew and nordstrom even though we have both at home.
he is the definition of patient.
we used headsets and walked around as a self-guided tour of sorts.
i'm so grateful there are people who serve in the military and keep me safe at home.
i can't imagine living on that ship! the accommodations are a little different from a cruise ship.
jared loved the tour. it fits in the same category as the historical war books he reads so often.

san diego, i hope to see you again.

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