the mr.'s business trip

if i don't move to newport anytime soon, i discovered
another great city that i would love to call home.

photo from here.

the mr. had some work to do in san diego so i tagged along for fun and in hopes that we could spend a few days together at the end of the week. all went according to plan, and we turned the business trip into a mini vacay.

the first few days, i passed my time at the hotel's pool.

i didn't do a thing with myself until i got ready to go out to eat with jared at 6 or 7.
house wife for a week? check.

we tried all kinds of food--italian, seafood, mexican, and a steakhouse.
surprisingly, the steakhouse won it all! i ordered filet medallions
with blue cheese in a red wine sauce.
oh my amazing! and that's from me who isn't a huge meat eater.
seriously, i wanted to go back the next day.

on one of our date nights, we ate dinner a few blocks from the san diego temple. it made for the perfect after dinner drive/chat.

more san diego to come...
and i'm really not moving anywhere anytime soon.

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Candice said...

All of this moving would be fine if we did not like you so much.

Thank you for staying in the inversion with us.