saturday i turned the big 2 - 5, which is a quarter of a century.
holy! that is old. in the words of meredith grey,
"We're adults?! When did that happen... and how do we make it stop?"

my brithday started at midnight riding on a school bus with my favorite young people.
they sang a loud happy birthday to me as we drove from manti back to salt lake city.
i got some sleep, the mr. made a yummy breakfast for me, and we headed out for the day.
my birthday included pool time, a thai dinner, and homemade texas sheet cake.

mom put on another lovely sunday dinner this weekend.
we finished it with a strawberry shortcake roll.
if one thing is clear, it's that i'm a lover of food.
and my birthday weekend was full of the best of it!


Candice said...

I know 25 may sound old to you, but I cannot believe that you are so accomplished at such a young age. You are a lot of amazingness for 25. Happy Birthday!

Camille said...

happy (late) birthday my friend!!! We need to get together soon! It has been FAR too long :)