powell-ing around

the mr. left me for training in california so instead of flying solo for a week,
i joined my fam at lake powell.
i think i got the better end of that deal.

who isn't up for getting some sun, lounging around and ditching work?
it really is a slice of paradise, and i was in great company
with my family and my second family cox's.

honorary guest: urban outfitters panama hat.
you can't be sick of it yet because there is more to come in summer 2011.


Candice said...

When I die, and I am good enough to 'inherit the earth' I am kind of hoping that Lake Powell is my backyard. And I hope that your Panama Hat gets resurrected too, because it needs to be available for my backyard.

Kim and Preston said...

I agree with Candice! That looks like alot of fun! You are so pretty!