happy day

tax deadlines are some of the better days of my life, i.e. right next to birthdays, christmas, and july 4 in terms of anticipation and awesomeness. i left work friday the 15th at 6 pm with all my returns filed, feeling 99 parts exhausted and defeated and 1 part ready to go out and celebrate. jared and i decided on a quick date to our favorite thai siam.

if you ever go, you must get the sticky rice dessert with mango. i'm telling you - the stuff is legit.

we sat and chatted. lucky jared got to hear my list of ten thousand things i would like to do with my new free time. i don't know what it is about being so consumed by work, but with every busy season i manage to create list after list of things to do post-busy season. maybe it's my way of keeping hope?

here's some favs from my lists:
  • run on the jordan river trail
  • d.i. trip for frames and books
  • ease into my lost social life
  • put that 20% off urban outfitters coupon to use
  • find the sunshine and get a tan
  • refinish and reupholster chairs from classifieds
alls i know is that sounds like heaven compared to taxes.
so happy to move onto more interesting things.


Our Little Online Corner said...

Welcome back! I can't imagine what it is like to work tax season.. I know you have been craaaazy busy. Add to your list: get a pedicure, see a new movie, and come visit the California cousins!

Camille said...

Congrats! You did another busy season! So make sure to squeeze "hang out with Camille" in that list somewhere, cause I'll be here in Utah for good come mid-May.

VoNique and Jared said...

#10,001: Chill with the Myers!

Chelsea said...

great news! let's hang out!

Shannon said...

I am so happy you are done! We love Thai Siam too... let's go together.

ps, I have the homemade recipe for that mango sticky rice so we might just have to get together and make it.