easter & love

sunday felt like a whirlwind of emotions. i spent the morning gathering pictures and notes and adding stickers to create a keepsake for a dear friend who is moving away. since i moved to salt lake 18+ months ago, i've served with her in the young womens. she's been a mentor in a thousand ways. we've camped together under the stars with ten teenage girls sans camp director, we've chatted about guys and biking and life late many nights, together we've been on tens of early saturday morning baptism trips and we've knocked countless doors in our area. she's a rock in the gospel and has an immovable testimony she shares in the best way.

she taught her last lesson easter sunday. it was about love and the women in the easter story. i thought a lot about mary the mother of Christ and the tremendous love she must have had for Him. from the time she carried Him in the womb to when she witnessed His death on the cross, she knew what her role was and showed love by not being concerned with what others thought. we learned about mary of bethany and that important washing & annointing she performed preparatory for christ's final week, all in the name of love. and about mary magdalene, her rejoicing in a seeing a risen Christ. post lesson it was an emotional exit from church, but a fantastic last lesson from a friend.

the day ended in orem with yet again another amazingly delicious dinner made by mom. she's on a kick lately to set the table and accessorize with a theme. easter was no exception.

cousins came over. we ate my favorite ham loaf dinner until we moved onto morgan's baked-to-perfection pies. i ate and ate and ate some more. all in good company. i'm so grateful to celebrate the resurrection of Christ and reflect on that single most important event in all of history.


Candice said...

A great tribute to a great woman, from a great woman.

I miss you both.

Shannon said...

I cannot believe she is moving... You two are the best YW leaders! Even that one day with you both at girls' camp was so fun. I am devastated she'll be gone!