a great holiday

this year we celebrated christmas in boise, lish style. take a look of how it went.

{prime rib christmas dinner}

{little miss adorable and center of all, alexa lish 10 weeks}

{randoms. middle picture: a "sleepy time elf" drops off matching pj's at the door christmas eve. i love this tradition.}

{i surprised the mr. with 'where the wild things are,' one of his favorite childhood books, and he read it to me.}

{we went all out for the parents this year, and i think they were surprised. and another hit with the mr. - skullcandy headphones.}

{and at last, vacation isn't vacation without a little risk action}

and it's all over, just like that. i hope your christmas was merry and bright.


Kristyne said...

love this! and im very honored to say that i won the risk war.

Michelle said...

Looks like you had a great christmas. Hope you had a good new year too!

Jessica and Reecey said...

You look adorable, as always, and I'm glad you had a great holiday! We need to get together again soon.

PS- How do you make your pictures so big? I'm sick of my wimpy small ones.

Candace said...

thanks everyone! jess, the big pictures really are one huge pain but i too like them. i resize the pics in microsoft picture manager - i think most photo software will allow you to resize. i resize the pics to be no more than 580 pixels wide because the width of my posts. then i have a picasa web account (free) where i upload the pics, and then i link my blog posts to the web url of the pic in picasa. i hope that makes some sense.

and yes, let's please get together again. it's good timing too now that the holidays are over.

Scott and Brittany said...

Love the christmas tradition and your christmas card. How's SLC and the new job?