zach + haley

my brother proposed to haley last weekend, and i'm pretty happy for both of them! they make the perfect pair! they are totally in love and oblivious to everyone around them, and they talk and look at each other and smile just like 2 lovebirds. oh, and this puts another girl in the family. YEA!



Rebecca said...

yay! its about time they got engaged! haha! i thrilled for the two of them... cute couple for sure!!!

Mic and Jazzy said...

oh horray! we are so excited for them! they make such a great couple. hey how is the new place??

Keri Cranmer said...

Holy cow, my mom just told me, it was through the grape vine from your grandpa to my grandma! I am excited for him. I love Zach. Tell him congrats for me!!

The Cox Family said...

How exciting. Tell Zack congrats from Deven and Shirlyn

Ryan ♥ Breelyn said...

oh how fu! Congrats! I know now that you live so close we need to see each other! I'd love to do lunch!
email me your phone number at breelynehin@hotmail.com