"the best season of the year"

have i mentioned the mr.'s passion for fall sports? how he watches relentless hours of games, plays in a few fantasy leagues, tracks stats on his phone, computer and tv 24/7, and gets a phone call or two to talk about the huge game? it's a bit overwhelming, but i'm in for the long haul and i'm adapting quite nicely by learning a few rules and getting into the teams and competition.

i surprised jared with tickets to usa v. el salvador for his birthday. so cool to see a team like usa play in salt lake city. rio tinto was plastered with red, white & blue and rightly so.

byu cougs v. colorado state saturday. my first game in a while outside the student section. very. very. odd.

i couldn't help but notice some leaves here and there changing on the mountains. whoa! i can't wait to go picnic in the canyon.

so you see i'm learning why the mr. says it's "best season of the year."


VoNique and Jared said...

We need to play! We need to play!

Michelle said...

That sounds like my husband....except I am getting less and less supportive of the hours of football games on tv. We have however also been enjoying some of the byu football games. We were able to go to Texas and watch the oklahoma game which was awesome!