sewing it all together

it seems i am always in search of more time. i could use an extra few minutes to study, work, clean, exercise, read, cook, shop?, blog?, etc. i'm sure everyone could come up with a list of what's falling through the cracks in our crazy lives.

but the fact remains that we all have the same amount of time, and it's how we manage our time that determines what we accomplish (or don't). too bad i don't feel comfortable dodging work and school because my life would be amazing without the two evils.

every now and again i just have to experience a terrible week in order to realize my priorities are out of whack. this week i continued to push myself to work lots of hours while balancing school and everything else. aside from the stress, there was no sense of balance in my daily routine. i did horribly on a test that i spent days preparing for, made little time for jared, made no time for scriptures... nothing went my way.

i've adjusted my schedule and am yet again practicing life in the slow lane. i spent yesterday with my grandma finding this fabric to start making a quilt:

i blogged a few months ago about this goal of mine, and i'm finally doing it. i'm new to quilting and sewing and thought a project with grandma might be a good way to learn.

i picked a conglomerate of amy butler fabric from the corn wagon quilt co. in springville, but i stumbled across lots of online stores with adorable fabric:
anna maria horner
kelani fabric

i will keep you posted on the quilt, and hopefully it will help balance life a little better for me.


VoNique and Jared said...

Ditto on the craziness. I just worked a double today causing me to neglect my already neglected to-do list. I'm actually considering not sleeping tonight to get caught up. It's already 1 so I'm off to a good start! Keep me posted on the quilt. I'm sure you'll do great!

Scott and Brittany said...

It always seem like their is never enough time for all the fun stuff. I'm so happy you're making a quilt! My mom has a quilting shop in Midway, just off the town square and she sales anna maria from time to time..I love her prints! I made a quilt just before Scott and I got engaged and what I thought was going to be a twin size turned out to be a queen and about $200 over what I thought it would cost. Good luck and we need to get together soon! How about this Sat?

Russ and Emily Jones said...

Sounds like loads of fun...i made a quilt not too long ago and It gave me a good sense of accomplishment even though I didn't do the best sewing job... p.s. i love amy butler fabric and patterns...p.p.s. i love the new look of your blog!

The Cox Family said...

The quilt looks like a fun project. I know what you mean about finding a balance. I feel like I get it for one week and then it all goes away. If you figure it out let me know Shirlyn ps my goal is to get it somewhat together before baby #2.

Catherine Knight said...

Candace dear, what excellent fabrics you've selected. I agree with the others that at the end you will feel very accomplished. On this front, I used the machines for the first time at the hobby shop last night. It too was very satisfying. Don't worry too much about balance...you don't need that worry to add additional stress :)

Kelly and Bryce said...

That fabric is darling! There's also a cute place by the sonic in Orem called American Quilting that has cute fabric. I made everyone these darling aprons for Christmas and got such cute stuff there.

Elisa and Jake said...

Oh wow that fabric is so cute! I wish we still lived close so we could quilt together! Miss you guys!