Resolve to do...

Today I finally took down the red + green. Now I once again have access to the closet in my family room, which I completely rearranged and compacted to fit even more junk into today. It's so full that I asked Jared to proceed with caution if he needs to get in there. So many fragile and breakable goods that could literally jump out if the door is open. Who needs more space? ME.

So my house is back to normal. I put up the few Valentine's items I have, and we're good to go.

Today I also cleaned my car. Really, cleaned. my. car. I washed the outside by hand and dried it, I used windex on the windows, and even wiped the cracks of the vents. It was in need of some TLC. Plus one might say I'm slightly compulsive. It looks like a whole new ride, so spick-and-span.

Next on my list of getting life back in order...

2009 Resolutions.

Graduate from college. All the blood, sweat and tears of the past 5 years come to an end in just one semester. Thank you.

Strap my climbing shoes on and hope Jared will be supportive. The semester I met Jared I was climbing almost everyday. I took him with me a few times and totally killed him on the rocks. I think he's still a little sensitive, and if you can't tell I'm never going to forget this story.

Play in this beauty before starting our careers at Ernst & Young end of summer.

Learn the basics of geneology. I'm taking a class at school.

Think about the CPA exam. It would be sweet if I could pass and be done this year.


Jen said...

I am glad you found my blog. Yours is amazing. You update it so often and you have such cute pictures. Seriously. Do you have an awesome camera or can you just take great pictures with whatever you've got? An awesome camera is on my list of things to save for, because it would be so nice to have. You go, girl, on all your resolutions. Maybe I should put pen to paper and write some myself.

Dani Marie said...

Candace! How is your LAST semester so far?! Mine got off to a rough start today, but I think things will work out. When are you going to start the CPA exam? Hope you guys are doing well- we miss you!