I Be Jammin

Jared and I drove to Pocatello last weekend for family time with the Lishes. *Pictures and stories to come in a later post.*

Before we left town, I browsed iTunes for some much needed new music to 'jam' to along the ride.

It seems like in high school I always stayed up on new tunes and loved finding something I could jam to, cry with or lyrics which told my story. I'm passionate about music and love finding that connection.

Songs come and go, as do artists. After listening to songs and artist for so long, my past situations get branded to different artists/songs, which is to be expected.

There's far too much emotional baggage to not get sick of listening to the album I played 10 times continuously the night I got dumped, or the song I danced to with my high school sweetheart, or whatever the occasion.

I'm getting more grown up and venturing out to my own new music. Here's what I've found:

Currently loving...

Rachael Yamagata
Elephants... Teeth Sinking Into Heart

If you aren't familiar, I highly recommend her. Here website is here.


Marce said...


i had to read your comment a couple of times...because for a second there i thought you were telling me YOU were pregnant!!! i was a little bit too excited. but then i realized it was just your five year olds being silly. anyway, so fun to see you the other day! wish we could have chatted for longer. hope all is happy and well with the lishes!

Christina and Ryan said...

Explicit content? Not surprised that you like her...that's just your style.
jk but seriously, I can't listen to Lil Troy without thinking of being in the car with you and it makes me happy.

Lance and Chelsea Lawrence said...

I am on the same page...sick of old tunes. I discovered Katie Herzig a few months ago and I bet you'd love her...