Let Freedom Ring

Our Fourth of July was filled with fireworks, camping, WALL-E, lots of sleep, and yummy food. We watched a huge firework show at Gas Works Park in Seattle on July 4th. WaMu sponsors the show, and they really deck it out. They launch fireworks from a boat on Lake Union, and you see the fireworks explode over the lake with the city in the background. It is absoultely stunning. They also play good tunes for you to listen to as you watch the show. Jared and I danced a little and rocked out some.

We also spent our weekend camping at Snoqualmie Pass where we slept in our new tent and sleeping bags. Thank you birthday. I still cannot believe how green everything is here. The trees are covered in moss, and there are living plants and ferns and bugs and everything all over. There is so much life! It is such a change from what J and I know in Idaho and Utah. For those of you who are not from the Northwest, and like us, had only seen snails smaller than an inch, check out the collage to see the biggest snails you have ever seen. I was so afraid of them, but I got close enough to get my hand in a picture with one.

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Mic and Jazzy said...

Alright those slugs are nasty. they look like they should be from Harry Potter or something. However the rest of the scenery looks awesome!