Batter's Up. . .

The last few weeks have been so nice having a break from school and just working. I get home at 5:00, and Jared and I have all night to relax and have fun together. We joined a co-ed softball team and soccer team to keep us busy. It's been interesting to say the least. Softball started last week and we've had two games thus far. The first game we lost 0-12, and our team never even made it to third base. It was pretty sad. We played our second game last night and won by quite a bit. I played catcher most of the game and struggled to get a hold on the ball. It hit my knee then would bounce behind me somehow. I kept having to chase after it, and I'm pretty sure people could tell I'm an amateur. Soccer starts Thursday. I hope I don't die trying to run the field. It could be scarry.

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