African Face Lotion with 1,000 X’s Awesomeness

The other day I received a friends and family discount pass for Macy’s good for 20% off of everything—sale, clearance, the works! I learned to love Macy’s with all of the wedding hurrah. They carry Martha Stewart’s line and have a rather lovely home section, even though I will admit the Orem Macy’s is lacking severely. Anyway, I took my coupon and went to the store with the intention of getting a new white shirt for Jared.

Of course I got a little distracted and remembered I needed new face lotion. Mom used to supply me with Mary Kay, but she’s since given up her big sales life. I expected to pay a little more for face lotion at a department store, but I thought that after 20% off it couldn’t be that bad. I wound up at the Clarins Paris counter, a brand of which I had never heard of, where the only saleswoman in the entire beauty section helped me find the best face lotion for my skin type. I tried a sample, told her it would do, and then followed her to the register. Meanwhile she’s telling me it hydrates 1,000 times more with its African katafray extract and oils, and it does this and that with your wrinkles and spots. Okay, so here’s my sign that it could be a little pricy. Well, well my friends, little did I know that it would ring up to $53 for a whole two-inch jar that would last no more than a month!!! I was so embarrassed at this point that I tried to not let my jaw drop and I took deep breaths. I bought it and returned it the next day because I felt so stupid telling the saleswoman I changed my mind!

Way to go everyone who buys $60 face lotion. I personally think it’s asinine and can think of thousands of better ways to spend money, crazy people.


Christina & Ryan said...

I'm glad that you were able to control yourself when she told you the price. My initial reaction probably would have been to laugh. Good times. And YES we should do a cooking class soon! I'll give you a call.

Lance and Chelsea Lawrence said...

Wow. That's nice. How would it be! I think we need to go pay a visit to Mrs. Mary Kay.