Viva Las Vegas

We successfully returned from a couple of days of fun. We left to Vegas Wednesday morning early and returned late last night. We shopped, saw Blue Man Group, ate a lot of good food including In-n-out Buger, relaxed at the pool, and Jared even gambled! A few of my highlights of the trip:

Pulling into our hotel we saw this awesome motorcyclist. The best part was that the people in the car next to us rolled down their window, held a camera out, and snapped a photo. It was sooo obvious! We had to do the same. Check out his crazy helmet--weirdo!

J had never ever in his whole life ever eaten at In-n-out. I'm pretty afraid for the hamburger.

A happy man! He must have been pretty impressed because we did go back.

Again at In-n-out, but in B & W style.

We took a break from walking to eat gelato at a charming bakery/cafe/ice cream parlor inside the Bellagio. It reminded me way too much of Europe. Pure delight! We tried pistacchio, strawberry and of course chocolate.

After the ice cream, I had to take a short bathroom break (as I do many times a day). I left Jared for 2 minutes, came out from the bathroom, and I couldn't find him. He was a couple of machines away pulling back on the one-arm bandits. He started with $1 and was up to $3. I told him to cash out while we were ahead thinking the machine would spit out some quarters and we could be on our merry way. No, my friends, it's not that easy. The machine printed out a voucher for $3 whole dollars, and in order to get the money we had to give the voucher to a cashier. Here we are at this op-notch casino looking completely out of place, and Jared is refusing to cash out the voucher. I walked up to the cashier and handed her the voucher without saying a word. It was perhaps the most humiliating moment of the trip. The cashier pulls out a huge wad of bills--$100's and all--and proceeds to give me 3 $1 bills. Awesome!

Blue Man. We planned on getting food before the show, but we were running late. We went to a restaurant and ate at the bar to save time. My dad used to take me to the bar whenever we went to dinner without my mom so I thought I knew my way around. Well I ordered coke to drink and the bartender asked for ID. I thought, "What? You're kidding me." First of all I ordered coke, and second I am 21. I laughed a little, but then he proceeded to tell me the law is 21 to be at the bar drinking or not. I felt so stupid! So how did dad get away with it all of those years?

Fun shot. We spent tons of time watching TV and reading as well. If you're thinking of going on a short getaway, just do it.


adam & jenn said...

You're weekend getaway sounds fabulous!!! I'm so jealous! What a cute couple you are and you definitely had fun! Isn't married life the best.

Lisa Michelle said...

So fun! Bryan and I also went for a major vacation. You two are cute! Where are you working this summer?