Seattle Housing--HELP

Yesterday we found out our internships dates for this summer. We start June 25th and will finish on August 15th. Just one problem ... we don’t have anywhere to live. We’ve found a few temporary housing places, but I would have to literally cut off my right arm to help pay for the places we’ve found. Friends and family have come up with some really good solutions.

Gina thinks we should buy this 1970 motorhome that someone is selling in Lehi. We could drive it to Seattle and live in the RV park. Wouldn’t that be cozy? We would be the young married couple playing cards with all the retirees. Cute.

Dad really thinks we should take our boat to Seattle and make it our home in the boat harbor. He says I shouldn’t worry that it has no closet, approximately 100 sq. feet of living space, and that it would sway back and forth for two whole months!

My idea was a studio apartment I found on craigslist that a girl was subleasing. The catch? She has two cats that will need to be taken care of. It sounded great until Jared reminded me he is allergic to cats.

I think I’ve reached a dead end about 25 times now. Good thing we still have a few months.


Christina & Ryan said...

I vote for the RV

Mic and Jazzy said...

I have a great air mattress and a tent if you want. Then all you need is a generator and you are set! Oh and running water...and a bathroom.... ok so my idea isn't that great but its an option.

Jessica and Reecey said...

How jealous am I that you get to live in Seattle! I think we might have to pay you a visit this summer :)