The Nerd Among Us

Jared spent the weekend in Scottsdale at an audit competition, and his team took first place. You’re probably thinking a number of weird thoughts like …Accounting competitions exist? Is Jared really that nerdy? People really do this stuff? And yes is the answer to all of those questions.

A few months ago, BYU students in our program broke into teams of six and competed against each other. Jared’s team won, and they were invited to a national competition. For the last few weeks, they worked really hard preparing their case. At the competition last weekend they presented their case to the judges, and then the judges asked the team questions about the case. Way to go J!

Tonight finishes the NCAA tournament. I thought you might be interested to see the standings in our bracket tournament. Maybe I can talk Jared into taking me out for ice cream.


Rebecca said...

Congrats Jared...even though I know you never read this! :) Candace look at you go...nice bracket (or ladder as I always seem to think they are called). Don't let Jared live it down...YOU were the winner!

adam & jenn said...

Yay for smart husbands!!! That's so exciting Jared's team won, and congrats on the bracket, he's so lucky he met someone that is good competition for him!