Five Reasons I Can Make It Through Finals

1. The Office is on in a half an hour. I love Jim's blank stares at the camera while Michael and Dwight do the most ridiculous things. Plus I want to live in Scranton. Those people are amazing!

2. Jared and I booked two nights in Vegas for next Wednesday and Thursday. I get to pester Jared for 5 whole hours in the car on our drive to Vegas, and judging how finals aren't really going for me yet (I'm the queen of procrastination), I'll probably be crazy by the time Wednesday roles around. I'm excited to relax and just be with J, and hopefully it will be sunny and warm. I can work on my pastey whiteness.

3. On Monday my work is celebrating Secretary's Day. We are going out for a fancy shmancy lunch at Chef's Table. I'm hoping for halibut of some kind. Seafood never used to do much for me, but I'm trying to get used to the Seattle style and I really like some fish dishes I've tried recently. Who knew?

4. Jared and I have 7-layer-bean dip we made together. It is a true culinary creation from the Lishes. We'll probably eat it for lunch and dinner, and maybe breakfast this weekend.

5. Cable TV! The hotel next week is bound to have cable. I haven't watched more than the news, Oprah, and Judge Judy for at least a few months. This also means Jared's highlight of the trip will probably be ESPN.

Cheers to everyone in the midst of finals. May we all be survivors.

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Christina & Ryan said...

Is the 6th reason that you can make it through that you occasionally visualize BYU burning to the ground? Be honest.