emery at 8 months

i started this post last month and just finished editing the pics...

in the last couple of days you learned to go from laying down to sitting up all on your own! imagine the surprise the first time i found you in your crib sitting up! now if you don't want to nap you sit up and peek through the bars like hey mom! come get me!

you love to read books. eydie gave you a book called "who's my dolly?" and everytime i read it you grin ear to ear and make happy little squeals.

you continue to be an awesome sleeper, which i like to attribute to your love of food. we're yet to find something you don't like, and trust me we've been feeding you some weird stuff. like bean/quinoa with a vinaigrette dressing from costco... you can't get enough! i started feeding you my homemade whole wheat bread and you treat it like candy. even when i think you're all the way full, you'll always make room for that bread.

you get more and more mobile each day. crawling will be a huge step, and i think you'll be so happy to check out your surroundings up close. you still have such a sweet spot for your dad. you light up the most for him, with the exception of other small kids. the neighborhood kids can get you laughing and giggling with ease. i love you and can't get enough time with you!




Chelsea said...

ADORABLE Candace. I can't believe she's big enough to eat grown up food! I still want to meet her.

Matt said...

love this post. and this baby.
this is candace. not matt. awkward.